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The world of telecommunication is changing constantly. New technologies become available for implementation and spark opportunities for new services. As a result, business and markets have to adapt to these developments. AKEC (Abu Kerbino Engineering Co. Ltd) is an engineering company offering up-to-date telecommunication solutions based on knowledge and expertise that is gained by our Engineers in working with the latest developments in the telecommunication market.

The engineers are actively involved in the telecommunications industry and are up-to-date with the new business developments and new technologies. Their knowledge is far more than just textbook knowledge, they gained lots of their expertise in carrying out projects and assignments for customers.

Depending on the objectives of our clients we present a broad range of experienced engineers in the installation and field maintenance service delivery.

Site acquisition:

We are able to offer a full suite of site acquisition services, covering the following:

  • Landlord negotiations
  • Site Surveys coordinated with radio planning
  • All general permit handling including land board and council approvals
  • Environmental impact assessments
  • Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) approval
  • Ongoing management of lease agreements
  • Cable trenching and power access way leaves

Civil works:

Our Teams of experienced local and international workers are managed to construct all types of sites to specification. AKEC has a verifiable track record of high quality site builds. Rigid quality control procedures ensure that all equipment provided to site is handed over to the client fully functioning with warranty compliant documentation.



Our qualified technical staff carry out network design, project management, installation, commissioning, Integration and Optimization of all major suppliers’ base stations, base station controllers and transcoders. Antenna optimization forms part of the integration and optimization process. 



  1. BTS
  • BTS Hardware Installation & Connectivity
  • BTS Commissioning/Integration
  • BTS Alarm Troubleshooting
  • BSC Hardware Installation
  1. Site Surveys
  • LOS Survey
  • RF Survey
  1. Drive Test

Our Drive Test KIT include TEMS investigation software Version 19.x plus license, Samsung S7 + TEMS License and GPS’

  • Drive Test Process
  • Drive Test Parameters

Collection & Post-processing of Data

  1. Operation & Maintenance (O&M)
  • Acceptance Test Performa (ATP)
  • Fault Detection & Rectification


A fully resourced and trained team of riggers install and commission all major suppliers ‘radio and optical transmission equipment (Microwave links), providing documented frequency and tributary management records as part of the acceptance procedures.



AKEC has experienced VSAT engineers with extensive knowledge in satellite network installations, commissioning and decommissioning for multivendor equipment


Certified electricians, trained on telecommunications power supply equipment such as rectifiers, batteries, standby generators, Solar, uninterruptible power supplies and all associated reticulation, automation and ensure that power systems on site are adapted to local conditions providing stable supplies to critical equipment. Air conditioners installation and maintenance. Where possible and practicable, renewable systems are utilized such as photovoltaic panels and wind generators. Our engineers are on constant technology watch for useable developments in cost effective power supply equipment.

Diesel Generator and Backup Batteries installation