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Data Center Maintenance

Complete Data Centre or Server Room Installations

A well-managed data centre or server room is the backbone of any organisation or corporate business entity. Expertly designed and implemented server room cabling can drastically improve performance, boost network performance and safety while minimize down-time and long-term reconfiguration costs. We’re leaders in data center or server room cabling. Whether you have a new Data centre project or need a “structured cabling rescue”, Abu Kerbino Engineering has the right resources on hand. Our staff are highly trained, customer driven and industry certified.

Your data center is home to critical equipment, applications and systems that support your day-today operations. Network performance, Scalability, Flexibility and energy efficiency are factors we consider for your data centre installation. Abu Kerbino Engineering data center structured cabling installations (include fiber optic and cooper cabling), cable Management, server room rack layout, power distribution, UPS installation, cooling, grounding and bonding, testing and more.

Data Center Maintenance

Our experienced team of engineers do data room routine checks in relation to Power voltage, Cooling system, pest control, Fire extinguishers, among others.  

Information & Communications Technology

Fiber Optics rollout/installations

  • Excavation/digging and back filling;
  1. Manhole excavation and backfilling
  2. OFC trench excavation and backfilling.
  • Laying PVC pipes or ducts as well as mapping them.
  • Cable hauling in the case of aerial fiber installations.
  • Pole erection in the case of aerial fiber installations.
  • Micro tunneling
  • Moling (This is used when you are refused to dig and backfill a tarmac road)
  • Splicing and Optical Tests (OTDR Tests, Optical power meter Tests)
  • Manhole and handhole fabrication and installations
  • Optical Mux/Demux installations and commissioning
  • In-service optical fiber tests like spectrum analysis with OSA, E1 and SDH tests, Ethernet tests with T-Berd MTS 6000