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  Telecommunication Logistic Supply Chain Solutions/Local Transportation Land, River and Air    Fuel Supply
We offering up-to-date telecommunication solutions working with the latest developments
in the telecommunication market.
Logistic Supply Chain Solutions/Local Transportation Land, River and Air
We have consistently demonstrated a commendable
approach of working with customers to offer best logistics solutions.
Fuel Supply
We supply Fuel to Telecom sites, Offices and Private individuals
We import and supply automotive lubricants.


We are an ‘Operationally Excellent Service Entity’ with the excellence in process, Quality mindset and the highest standards in health and Safety.


Our consistency in offering superior service standards at competitive costs has earned us a long list of eminent clients across South Sudan.


Abu Kerbino prices on all our services are so reasonable , friendly and negotiable to fit in your budget


Abu Kerbino offers the best fast delivery service on sea ,land and airt transportation in south sudan

We are Qualified &


We're a company of talented engineers & mechanics

Our  engineers are actively involved in the telecommunications industry and are up-to-date with the new business developments and new technologies. Their knowledge is far more than just textbook knowledge, they gained lots of their expertise in carrying out projects and assignments for customers.

Some of Our Clients